To Believe (or Not)

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We all filter through information every day. We decide to believe it–or not. I suggest that it is important to take one more step and ask ourselves WHY we believe or disbelieve.

Since I became more engaged as a political “activist” several years ago, I have wondered why more people are not upset with the things happening in our country and in the world around us. The harder I have tried to share information that I have discovered, the harder it has become to understand why so many people remain numb, asleep, or indifferent. When someone suggests that serious problems exist in the country that could upset their “Don’t worry, be happy” lifestyle, most simply won’t believe it. Others believe that problems exist, but somehow that they won’t be affected by the problems.

Disbelief Factors

Of course I have tried to come up with answers to understand the things that prevent people from believing that negative things could happen, are happening, or have happened in their world. Let’s keep in mind that there are levels, or degrees, of disbelief. Of course no one believes everything that they hear or read. Yet many people are willing to believe things for which absolutely no proof exists. Some people believe even in fantasies, or that those fantasies will come true, yet they will not believe things that can be directly observed and/or have been investigated and proven to be true.

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A Somber Post


I am feeling fatalistic today. It will pass. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am an optimistic in spite of the somber subjects I address in articles here. Many have suggested that I should avoid the news, which is a reasonable idea. But it has never been my M. O. to do that. I wouldn’t want to be like the majority of the people who live with their heads in the sand to avoid looking at reality that we are facing at this time.

Does that sound critical or harsh? It is not meant to be. It just reflects something that I believe to be part of the problem facing us now—that too many people are uninformed and are not aware of what is really happening. I believe that those days are coming to an end—by hook or by crook as my mother used to say. I think it was Ayn Rand that said, “You can avoid facing reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of not facing reality.” When the food supply is gone because we did nothing to stop the chemtrails spraying above us we will be forced out of our stupor.

I am not alone in feeling a level of desperation. I hear it in the expression of many of the alternative media people that I follow. Sometimes they even raise their voice, saying things like “People really need to wake up” in a harsh tone. But the people don’t wake up. Many people are like my brother—they rarely listen to news because it is “too depressing.” And most of those that do listen to news regularly just keep turning on the TV and getting their news feed from there.

Many of the alternative media people have been working for years, covering things that are never covered in the mainstream media, and trying to get the attention of people who are stuck in the trance of the nightly news. They sense that the end of the road is near—a time when something—be it an economic collapse, World War III, or massive environmental destruction via geoengineering or radiation from Fukushima and/or other nuclear disaster sites. Even though the number of “awake” people is increasing it is too little and probably too late.

Myself I can feel it. The global elite has been working on their agenda to destroy America and other western countries for years. Western civilization we could call it. Over the span of my 65 years I have seen many changes—most of them not for the better. And now the pace at which the agenda is being pushed is accelerating. The “refugee crisis” that is causing Europe (and soon the U. S.) to be overrun by people who don’t fit in the culture and some who want to destroy the culture in their new homes. And in the meantime too many people believe the crap that comes from their TV news. Don’t worry, be happy.

Much of this was summarized very well in this hour-long video (podcast really) by Dane Wigington, operator of the Geoengineering Watch ( website. It was listening to this podcast earlier today that set me in this somber mood. This time Dane was much broader in the scope of topics and included diverse issues like how the Federal Reserve robs us of money and freedom, the false pretenses for starting wars, and several others.

Yes, I keep hoping beyond all hope that my friends and neighbors around the world will somehow be ‘stimulated’ into realizing that all is NOT well in their world and they really should jump into the fray and act. Many, many cynical people believe “We can’t do anything anyway.” My own experience over the past 10 years shows this is not true. We outnumber the global elite bastards that are moving to repress or even eliminate us. We must use the strength of our numbers to push them back.

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Globalist Repression (Part 2)


Returning today to finish the work started several days ago–to expose the aspects of the globalist agenda. For any reader who missed that post it would be a good idea to go there now so as to not miss half of the story.

In the first post we moved half-way clockwise around the circle, finishing with Secret Societies. Our task now is to finish our way around the circle from there.

Health & Medicine. Many, maybe most countries in the world in which any form of organized healthcare system exists, the programs are majorly or fully controlled by the government. The USA used to be outside of this loop. For many years healthcare was paid for by the individual (patient), and in later years insurance companies became more of a factor.

In March 2010 the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ more commonly known as Obamacare, was signed into law. With that a full 19% of the national economy fell under control of the federal government. The initial configuration of Obamacare included insurance companies under a tightly-regulated system. The true wish of the globalists was to have a single-payer (government only) system, but the political forces were not sufficient to make this a reality. Now, 5 1/2 years later, the insurance companies the work within the Obamacare system are starting to fail, which will predictably lead to the single-payer system that was the original goal.

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Globalist Repression


A few years back I saw this image called the ‘globalist agenda.’ I shared it with a couple of friends in Facebook—people that I was encouraging to look beyond the politics in Washington, D. C. when trying to understand what was happening in America. It’s not easy to draw people out of the trance of believing that America’s problems can be fixed if only the right people are elected to office.

No luck. So I stashed the image away in my now massive collection. Only today while looking for something else I stumbled upon it again. When I saw it I stopped and thought, “This is really it.” Every one of the points around this circle are covered. All are affecting our country (the world really) and therefore affecting us as well.

Around the Circle

It would be far too much to try to detail each point around the circle. But I would like to make brief comments on each one so that any interested reader can look deeper if they choose. Keep in mind that the globalist agenda is to repress and control the people of the world and eventually herd them into a one-world system (government, religion, and economy). I do not have the expertise to explain each point in detail, but I have learned enough in recent years to know that our lives are being affected by each one. Let’s start from the 12 o’clock position:

Finance & Economics. Maybe this point is in the highest position because it is the most important. 50 or more years ago America had a strong, industry-based economy. People had jobs—jobs that were good enough to support a family on one income. No longer true. Most of the industries and jobs have been shipped overseas, leaving Americans with mostly service-based jobs. Banking has become even more central—more monopolized by fewer international banks. Older people remember the time when a bank paid interest on money deposited. No more. Now the talk is about negative interest, meaning that depositors will be charged for the privilege of keeping their money in a bank.

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Economics 101

redwoods-1462650-1600x1200No, no. Please don’t run away. This is not to be a presentation of supply and demand, the money supply, and other items taught in a regular course on economics. My intent is to focus only on the elements that affect the day-to-day lives of people. I think that at least a basic understand of such elements helps a lot to understand what is happening in our country and in the world.

I just listened to a presentation that broke ideas about economics into two parts and I want to share what I heard. At least to me it makes perfect sense. Basically the presenter said that all conflicts about how an economy should be managed can be divided into 1) free markets, and 2) central control.

Central Control

The idea that some authority like government should try to control the economy is the essence of socialism. This idea is upheld by people who consider themselves to be “liberal” or “progressive.” Their beliefs are based mainly on the idea that government has a responsibility to make things “fair” so there is not such a big difference between rich and poor in the country. Some people go as far as to say that happiness is guaranteed by the Constitution. Surely this “happiness” refers to a good degree of economic prosperity.

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People Like Authority

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Americans say that they celebrate freedom. But to their day-to-day actions show this to be true?

While drinking my coffee this morning I had a thought. The thought was almost scary, especially with respect to freedom in the lives of Americans. The thought was that with all other factors being equal, most people actually prefer a structure of authority in their lives. This idea came to mind after watching a video that showed pro-illegal immigration groups supporting the government’s authoritarian actions to limit or even take away the access that news reporters need to do their job.

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Living a Lie

My second wife Martha often spoke about how she lived a lie for 14 years in the first part of her life. She said that she had been married for those years when she found out that her first husband had married before, had a child with that woman–and never bothered to get a divorce before marrying again. Yes, he was in fact a bigamist. And Martha’s marriage was therefore legally invalid. This is what she referred to as “living a lie.”

For many years I empathized with Martha, clearly understanding what a terrible deception it must have been for her. But we all know that we can never really understand at the deepest level what other people feel unless we actually have an experience that teaches us what they felt. My experience of course is different from hers. But I believe that I am living with the same degree of disillusion and deception.

Woman holding mask in front of her face

Growing up in America we are all taught that America is the greatest country on earth. This is not unique; people of other countries around the world are taught the same. While most may realize that their country isn’t the most powerful from an economic and military might standpoint, greatness is not always measured by those things. Citizens of any country can believe that their country is great from a moral, cultural, or humanistic standpoint. And in some or even many cases they are right.

As Americans we are taught that we are #1–that we are invincible, and that the bad things that happen in other places in the world can never happen in America. We are led to believe that our government’s (military) involvement in other countries around the world is for noble reasons, such as to defend democracy and freedom. We are taught that we are the “good guys” or the saviors. And while some of that is true–for example America does give a lot of humanitarian aid, and is usually the first to lend a hand when disaster strikes somewhere in the world, the rest of the story is hidden from us.

The Hidden Reality

We have to start by remembering that virtually everything that happens in the world has a connection to economics. Good or bad. It doesn’t matter. If the American government decides to send aid or help with a disaster in a foreign land, it is not necessarily out of benevolence. Maybe there is something else to be gained from the action. An ulterior motive as they say. Or perhaps there is a PR (public relations) motive behind it, like the action will improve the way that America is seen around the world. This is even needed, since even though Americans don’t usually hear the other, negative aspects of what their government is doing–people in other parts of the world ARE aware. So the “kind” acts of the American government are very often similar to putting on makeup to cover blemishes.

That the American government is involved in subversive activities around the world is not something new to me. I remember that in my first year of college back in the Stone Age I did some investigation and wrote an essay for an English class about the CIA’s illicit activities. Something that had happened only two years prior was their involvement in bringing about the overthrow and murder of Salvador Allende, the duly-elected president of Chile. The motive? The Allende government had decided to nationalize the copper mines in the country–which was not in America’s best interests. So the American government felt it had the right to intervene in the internal affairs of another country. And of course this was not headline news and something that most Americans were ever aware of. I found the information from other sources outside of the U. S. mainstream media.

So I realize that the American government doing things that are outside the scope of what most people would consider moral or in line with international law is not new. But it is worsening. Two or three days ago I read an article that explained that the use of the CIA and even the FBI to carry out “black” operations is increasing. Why? Because the government now feels that it cannot trust the military because too many soldiers return from their foreign missions and reveal that the reality of what goes on in the foreign places in which they fight is very different from what Americans are told. Their conscience simply won’t allow them to uphold the lying and deceit of the American government. This is a major part of the reason that returning veterans are treated poorly by the government and even labeled as security risks.

Deception – My Angle

So this forms a major part of the deception that I feel, or the lie that I have lived most of my life. I had a near-death experience during my time in the military. I have never felt that this was something that caused me to suffer from PTSD or had some other negative impact on my life. But it did give me a sense of pride–that I had taken part in America’s noble mission of fighting evil in the world. And now? Now I realize that the mission isn’t as noble as I once believed. I realize that most people will not easily understand my meaning here. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have understood it either. But learning how the global economic and monetary systems work has helped me a lot.

I plan to continue to focus on this subject in future posts because I believe it is important that we all know the truth. Yes I understand that the truth is not pretty. But aren’t we in a better position to plan and protect ourselves and our families if we know the truth about what is happening in the world around us?

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The Horizon

For those of us who have lived our lives in a relatively free condition it is hard to imagine life being otherwise. Yet the history of mankind is full of accounts of small groups of men (oligarchies) dominating and controlling the masses who live like slaves. This type of societal organization has been dominant, or the most common, throughout history. Because of what I see happening in America now sometimes I wonder if humans even know how to live in an more open and free society.

What did I say? Yes, even though all Americans alive today have lived with a high degree of freedom, it strikes me that there is some sort of gravity that pulls the culture back towards living under more authoritarian control. Few if any people will admit that is true; if we ask any person they will state that they prefer to live free. Yet when we think about how people react when faced with problems, too often they seek some type of assistance from ‘authority’ figures. This is what erodes freedom. When the people demand more protection from the negative things in society, bigger government is the result. And big government is the opposite of freedom. There has never been a government that granted more freedom to the people.

The Clouds

I do not plan to go into great detail about any of the subjects mentioned in this post. I will talk more about what I think are the most important issues in future posts. (Anyone who wants to be informed of new posts can ‘follow’ this blog).

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